Wednesday, 17 January 2018


Welcome to 2018 B.O.Y.S (Based On You Subscribers)🎉🎉!! Is what I should've said January 1st. By now you've probably made up a list of things you hope to accomplish this year but know all too well that you are most likely going to start off great then gradually drift away from your goals because you realize that you're too lazy to even grab the remote from the table two inches away from you because you've already gotten comfortable binge eating a bag of potatoe chips and watching your favorite television series. (Psst! By the way I've just started watching The Flash and I must say that series is amazing, minus the romance). Okay, enough of my negative speech. Both Tye and I have faith that you all will achieve whatever it is you hope to accomplish this year! That being said, if you want to know 5 FIVE WAYS TO TELL YOUR CRUSH YOU LIKE THEM this year, I will advice you to keep reading. P.s. all of these are awful suggestions by the way.
1. Go Up To Them & Tell Them.

Right now most of you are probably going like, "ain't no way in hell I am going to do this one, skip!", but how else is that special someone ever going to know if you don't say something. Try conversing with them when they aren't surrounded by their friends. However, I don't suggest that you abrutly go up to them and tell them you have this burning desire to make children with them, especially if they have no clue who you are. That'll just be weird. Try getting to know them first, but don't make yourself look too available otherwise they'll just drop you in this box called, "The Friend Zone". The point is, if you and your crush is already close, just open your mouth and let your heart do the talking. Man I should really be a poet...oh wait, I am.

2. Confess Your Love Through Text

Remember when Chase from Zoey101 sent a text message to Zoey confessing how he felt about her, but then she never recieved that text because she dropped her phone in the water fountain. Ha! Funny! But... I'm sure that wouldn't happen to you...I think. Anyway, if you're too shy *cough chicken cough*, to tell your crush you like them in person, technology can solve this problem for you. Just text them.
3. Tell Your Crush's Best Friend To Tell Your Crush You Like Them.

Again, the coward way out, but hey, at least you did something. If you are friends or cool with your crush's best friend ask them to tell your crush how you feel about them. I can see why most people who fear rejection use this method, its protects their pride and it saves them from breaking down in tears in front of their crush when they've been declined. Smart thinking buddy.

4. Write a Letter

Well well well, I guess chilvary is not dead!
Okay, so maybe this one is corny, but if you're too shy to let your mouth do the talking, let a note do it for you. The good thing about the note is, you can simply deny ever writting it if all fails because that 'clearly' was not your handwritting. So if you normally write in print, write the note in cursive. Just a plan B for those who despise rejection.

5. Play A Game

Oh this is so clever but sneaky! This is by far my favorite one. Try playing a game of Truth or Dare or come up with something creative of your own and then... you confess your burning love them...and still get rejected. I'm just messing with you!

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Monday, 15 January 2018


BIENVENIDO TO QUOTE IT TUESDAY!!🎉🎉Happy Tuesday Everyone. Today I decided to drop a little humor in today's quote. Feel free to share it with friends and family members if you'd like. I need the publicity anyway (lol). Until Next time, Yours truly, Tye!

Tuesday, 9 January 2018


Happy Quote It Tuesday Amigos! Sometimes we find ourselves glorifying a person so much to the point where we forget that they are imperfect and will mess up sometimes. Let's avoid the disappointments this year and see people for who they really are, and that is, flawed. Hope you enjoyed today's quote and comment below what you liked or disliked about it!

Monday, 8 January 2018


1. Stalking your crush's social media.

Listen, as long as you don't threaten to take the boy/girl's life for refusing to love you, then that's perfectly normal. You're just trying to run a background check on what your future husband/wife would be like. Just don't happen to like one their pictures by mistake. Awkward!

2. Saying that we're over our exes or crushes but still secretly holding feelings for them.

Seriously if you're not over your ex, do not jump into new relationship because you're not only hurting yourself but also someone else.

3. Procrastinating when we have important things to do.

Remember when 2016 was ending and we were about to start 2017 and we wrote down on our list of things not to do in 2017--"procrastination". Yeah, the majority of us broke that rule and probably will continue to break it in 2018 because, let's face it, life is filled with pretty awesome distractions.

4.Saying we didn't see a person's message.

Here's how you fix that problem, stop lying and just tell the person that they are valueless to you hence, you ignored their messages for whole week until they decided to text you again to ask, "why did you seen me?". Okay don't be so cold, it was just a joke!
5. Liking our own social media pictures from someone else's smartphone.

And the jury finds all of the defendants....guilty! Admit it you did this before. In fact multiple times.

6.Set our alarms for a specific time but never wake up to that time.

So how many of you jotted down, "actually waking up when my alarm rings instead of hitting the snooze button for five more minutes of shut eye, but then wake up an hour later", on your goals for 2018. No?! Well you should, it shows that you're mature now.

7. Tell ourselves we're going to get healthy but then break the rules by buying a bunch of junk food.

"Heey, it's called treating yourself. Five push ups are hard for beginners you know!". In all seriousness we really need to get healthy again, these mini heart attacks aren't joking.

8. Constantly saying we're going to cut off our "fake friends" yet still keep them around.

Let's be real, you can't 'cut' Trisha off because she's your only means of transportation to and from work/school and you already made up your mind that you were too lazy to walk. So unless you're serious about throwing away the trash, we're not going to talk about how you dislike fake friends.

9. Talking To Ourselves.
No? Just me? Pretend like I never said this one. NEXT!

10. Look for the easiest way to finish a simple task but later find ourselves having to do more work because we tried to find a shortcut. 

Ever tried reaching for the tv remote from the table in front of you, but you didn't want to get up so you either reach really far to get it or used your foot as a substitute for your hand to get it off the table but then the remote fell on the ground and now you have to get up and do it anyway. Yeah, that's a symptom of laziness.

11. Sending a voicenote and playing it again to hear how you sound.

12. Saying something tastes awful but still proceeded to eat it.

13. Watching Everyone's profile pictures On Whatsapp.

14. Lazy Texting

15. Overthinking some of the smallest things that you did.
Perhaps you've behaved in a way that you normally don't. Maybe you've danced at a party where everybody else was dancing as well and enjoying themselves, but you flashback to that moment and thought, "oh my goodness I danced horribly, maybe someone saw that, I want to die now". Relax! No one cared.

16. Planning your dream wedding on Pinterest.

Girls are guilty of this. We know you started a whole wedding board for when John finally asks you to marry him! I have a question for you though, do you also watch "Say Yes To the Dress", because I am in love with that show!

Don't forget to like, share, follow and comment below, which of these things you are guilty of.

Monday, 1 January 2018


WELCOME TO QUOTE IT TUESDAY B.O.Y.S!! 🎉(Based On You Subscribers). This is my very first quote under year 2018, so I figure, "I need to make this one meaningful", and I did! Let go of any grudges you've had for people in 2017, it's no longer worth the pain, stress or energy. Hope you enjoyed today's message, until next time, yours truly, Tye!


Yeah, yeah we get it, new year new you. WELCOME TO 2018 B.O.Y.S 🎉🎉(Based On You Subscribers)!! Today's blog post is strictly going to be meme related and who doesn't like memes am I right?! So, here are some TOP 14 memes we think we all need to apply in 2018.

1. Start Being Honest

2. Be Humble & Love Yourself 

3. Stop Being General, Start Being Specific.
We all know we're thinking about someone in particular when we make this statement.

4. Minding Your Own Business.
Everyone has a Sherlock Holmes inside of them, lets just keep him restrained this year, okay.

5. It's Not Going To Be Easy.
Tribulation will come, but don't keep it inside like a mad man. Talk to someone you trust. Even if it doesn't change anything, at least you got the rock off your chest.
6. Being Truthful About Our Health & Trying To Fix It.
So guilty! I'm writing this posts right now at 12 a.m. while eating potatoe chips and I'm pretty sure I'll fall asleep around 3 a.m. Or 5 a.m. if I'm really bored.
 7. Stop Texting Someone That's in the Same Room as you are. 
Can we convert back to dinosaur times when the only means of communication was via face to face. But the accuracy of this meme though.
8. Accept Correction
Nobody likes being corrected especially when they feel that they've done a pretty awesome job at what they do, but we need it to become a better person.

9. Share, No Matter How Small You Think The Gesture May Be.

10. Stop Putting Yourself In Negative Situations.
11. We All Know You Took The Photo Yourself, Just Stop.

12. Set Goals & Make Them Happen.

13. Be Happy For Other's Success

14. Never Forget The People Who Helped You Grow.

I'm so excited to see what the year 2018 have install for me. Whether it's good or bad, I think I'm ready for it. Don't forget to like share, follow, and comment below some of your goals for 2018. Until next time, yours truly, Tye!

Friday, 29 December 2017


Quick disclaimer, this is not a vlog. However, if you do wish to see the video of me getting my second piercing comment down below.

Part of the teenage phase is going out and trying new things, no matter how stupid those things may be. (Don't do drugs or get tattoos kids!). That being said...B.O.Y.S (Based On You Subscribers), 'ya' girl got herself a second piercing! Unfortunately I'm not 18 yet so it took a lot of badgering, manipulating and debating with my parents on why I should get one in the first place but, I finally got it professionally done on Wednesday, December 27, 2017!! I'm so proud of myself! Okay, okay, that's enough of my bragging for the day. If you are planning on getting an additional ear piercing in the future, you'll have to learn how to keep it sanitized to avoid infections and to prevent the hole from closing up again. That's where today's tips come in.

1. Clean Your Piercing With Alcohol

This will be the first thing your piercer will tell you to do. Wash your hands then use a Q-Tip or cotton ball and apply some alcohol onto the cotton ball then gently dab it on the piercing. It may sting a little. This will keep your new piercing sterilized and prevents the hole from closing. Try doing this once or twice every week or two.

2. Keep Turning the Earring In Your Piercing.

Doing this will again keep the hole open and also prevents the ear from healing while in the earring is still inside the ear lobe. 

3. Avoid Wearing Fake Earrings

If you are allergic to fake earrings I will advise you not to put them in your ear as it will cause a break out. And in order for the ear to recover from the break out, you will need to remove the false earring from the ear and while your ear lobe is healing, your new piercing will too, and that's the last thing we want to happen! So tell your boyfriend you'll need real ruby earrings boo!

So these are my three (3) simple tips on how to maintain your new piercing. I don't know about you guys but, this year truly was a blessing for me. I challenged myself in ways I never could've imagined and never regretted one day of it! I really am looking forward to 2018 (psst! also when I'm getting my third piercing but don't tell my parents. Lol.). Hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you did, like, share, follow and comment below! Until next time, yours truly, Tye!