Monday, 8 January 2018


1. Stalking your crush's social media.

Listen, as long as you don't threaten to take the boy/girl's life for refusing to love you, then that's perfectly normal. You're just trying to run a background check on what your future husband/wife would be like. Just don't happen to like one their pictures by mistake. Awkward!

2. Saying that we're over our exes or crushes but still secretly holding feelings for them.

Seriously if you're not over your ex, do not jump into new relationship because you're not only hurting yourself but also someone else.

3. Procrastinating when we have important things to do.

Remember when 2016 was ending and we were about to start 2017 and we wrote down on our list of things not to do in 2017--"procrastination". Yeah, the majority of us broke that rule and probably will continue to break it in 2018 because, let's face it, life is filled with pretty awesome distractions.

4.Saying we didn't see a person's message.

Here's how you fix that problem, stop lying and just tell the person that they are valueless to you hence, you ignored their messages for whole week until they decided to text you again to ask, "why did you seen me?". Okay don't be so cold, it was just a joke!
5. Liking our own social media pictures from someone else's smartphone.

And the jury finds all of the defendants....guilty! Admit it you did this before. In fact multiple times.

6.Set our alarms for a specific time but never wake up to that time.

So how many of you jotted down, "actually waking up when my alarm rings instead of hitting the snooze button for five more minutes of shut eye, but then wake up an hour later", on your goals for 2018. No?! Well you should, it shows that you're mature now.

7. Tell ourselves we're going to get healthy but then break the rules by buying a bunch of junk food.

"Heey, it's called treating yourself. Five push ups are hard for beginners you know!". In all seriousness we really need to get healthy again, these mini heart attacks aren't joking.

8. Constantly saying we're going to cut off our "fake friends" yet still keep them around.

Let's be real, you can't 'cut' Trisha off because she's your only means of transportation to and from work/school and you already made up your mind that you were too lazy to walk. So unless you're serious about throwing away the trash, we're not going to talk about how you dislike fake friends.

9. Talking To Ourselves.
No? Just me? Pretend like I never said this one. NEXT!

10. Look for the easiest way to finish a simple task but later find ourselves having to do more work because we tried to find a shortcut. 

Ever tried reaching for the tv remote from the table in front of you, but you didn't want to get up so you either reach really far to get it or used your foot as a substitute for your hand to get it off the table but then the remote fell on the ground and now you have to get up and do it anyway. Yeah, that's a symptom of laziness.

11. Sending a voicenote and playing it again to hear how you sound.

12. Saying something tastes awful but still proceeded to eat it.

13. Watching Everyone's profile pictures On Whatsapp.

14. Lazy Texting

15. Overthinking some of the smallest things that you did.
Perhaps you've behaved in a way that you normally don't. Maybe you've danced at a party where everybody else was dancing as well and enjoying themselves, but you flashback to that moment and thought, "oh my goodness I danced horribly, maybe someone saw that, I want to die now". Relax! No one cared.

16. Planning your dream wedding on Pinterest.

Girls are guilty of this. We know you started a whole wedding board for when John finally asks you to marry him! I have a question for you though, do you also watch "Say Yes To the Dress", because I am in love with that show!

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