Sunday, 5 November 2017


Today I visited many blogs from the blogger community on Google Plus (I know right who still uses this app). On the contrary, I must say many of them were impressive in design, format and content. There was this one blogger however, that really got my attention with a rather intriguing topic, "The Truth About Being A Blogger". Everything she said under that post was very relatable. So, thanks to her I was inspired to do my own version of this and call it, "The Expections VS. The Realities Of Blogging". (Fireworks goes off as party balloons and streamers are released into the air). Okay okay, that's enough celebrating.

1. Audience

When I first posted on my blog I expected it to be a hit! You know, like that one song that was launched in 2014 and was played almost everywhere. What was that called again? Oh yeah! 'What Does The Fox Say?'. I thought that after I posted more content on my blog, the traffic would break the charts and that it would be awarded the Most Popular Blog In The World. Of course that's when I was in the tenth grade and I strongly believed my teacher's advice when she said, "anything is possible as long as you put your all into it", and I did! So you could only imagine how I felt when I had only 10 page viewers after a whole month.


Just like my audience, I expected my following to look like Kim Kardasian's dog followers. What's worst, when I took to Google for advice on "how to increase my followers" I had persons giving me bogus and unrealistic advice on "how to get 4K in one day".

3. Disappointment

I had a mind of a virgin when it came to business and blogging, so if someone was to come up to me and tell me that I was going to be rich from blogging back then, I would've probably packed my bags, swear at all my haters, ask the banks to give me a $50,000 loan and move to Dubai all because "I'll be rich". Then later on in life regret every last one of my decisions because as a blogger, money comes in very slowly. No like, really slowly, especially if you have a small number of viewers and followers, your blog might not even generate money. And thats where disappointment comes in. You invest so much time and effort into what you love but all your efforts seem to be going in vain. Take it from an experience person, don't give up! Your audience will eventually grow. A wise man once told me, even if you already shared your content fifty times share it another fifty times, because someone with a good audience might come across it and help you develop some loyal viewers.

4. Writers Block

Uh- what was I going to say again? Anyway, as a blogger, text will make up the majority of your content, so all hell breaks loose when the CEO of your brain cannot come up with the next brilliant idea for your blog. And if you're anything like me, weird things has to happen in your life in order for you to be inspired to write about something. My remedy for this is to leave the house, participate in hobbies, watch meaningful movies or talk to people. You'd be surprise to see how much communication can contribute to your inspiration.

5. People

Now that you're a blogger, you'll meet lots of other supportive, sincere and blissful bloggers who wants nothing but to see the both of you to succeed in the blogging business. Quick tip, life is so full of deceptive people! I cannot tell you how much times bloggers private messaged me saying, "hey come support my blog and I'll support yours". Since I'm a kind hearted soul, I would follow, share their content on social media and sometimes even like their posts and they would reciprocate the action as well. Until... they unfollow me two days after following! And because I have not repented from the sin of pettiness, I would politely return the favor. "Let's support each other" they say, yeah right!

5. Temptation

The temptation to copy another blogger's design scheme or idea. Like I said, the design of most of the blogs I've visited were so beautiful, who wouldn't be tempted to created something similiar to it. However, I always snap out of this thinking because one, the design of their blog describes them and their character. It'll be very disrescpectful for me to try imitate their hard work. Two, being original is what leads to popularity. The reason I loved their design so much was because I never came across anything like it. If I had seen two or three different blogs with the exact same scheme, I most likely would not have been impressed. So I figured why not create a design that describes my character and brings my content to life. I guess there's a Melanie Martinez in every blogger!

Of coarse there's more but its getting late and I have classes in the morning. Feel free to like, share, comment and follow (out of authenticity only!). Until next time, yours truly, Tye!