Thursday, 23 November 2017


Today's blog post is going to be particularly interesting for my female audience. Last week, I interviewed a few of my male family members and guy friends to get real life answers to the above question. So, none of what is going to be mentioned in today's post is coming from a female's perspective.

1. They Tell You

Literally all of them said that they would go up to the girl they like and say, "Hey baby! I like you a lot, please like me back otherwise I'll cry myself to sleep tonight". Okay I'm exaggerating again! According to them, being upfront about their feelings saves a lot of time and energy. Of course, they admitted that they would try getting to know you first to avoid making the situation feel awkward. So ladies, if the guy you believe likes you never once came up to you personally to tell you that he does, sorry hunny go back to sleep. Next!

2. He Tries To Be Funny

So the rumors are true! If he tries his best to keep you smiling or laughing, he is head over heels in love with you. Unless that's his personality 95% of the time, thats when its arduous to decifer whether he likes you or is simply trying to tell you that he's going through a difficult time and knows no other method of coping but making jokes. Lets just lie to ourselves and go with the first one for today.

3. He Tries To Look Cool

So does this mean my ex crush actually liked me back?!!! Nah... he threatened to file for a restraining order too much! If the guy you presume likes you constantly try to impress you by bringing up everything he's good at whenever you're around, or has this chill, but nervous expression on his face that's not because of constipation, congratulations! Send me a post card from your honeymoon.

4. Occassional Stares

If he constantly stare at you, then maybe this is a sign that he likes you. However, this too can mean you either have some gunk on your face or he's simply trying to figure out how a human being can give birth to an animal...just kidding!

5. Exclusive Attention

If he always ask for your opinion on questions he already knows the answers to or if he tries to include you in his conversations, girlfriend he's a keeper! I meant... yeah... maybe he likes you. A guy will treat you like he does his video games and will give you his undivided attention as long as he's attracted to you. However, to avoid embarrassment when you discover that all he was doing was being nice when he asked you how your day went, don't go telling your friends that he likes you until you are 100% sure of it.

6. He Asks His Female Friends About You

Don't be alarmed if you notice that some of his female friends are asking you questions like, "heydo you have a boyfriend?" or "do you like anyone in particular?".  They aren't interested in you. They're just being a fly on the wall for your crush. So if you like him back, simply tell Rebbeca to tell Tonny that you're just waiting on him to ask you to be his girlfriend!

7. He's Super Nice To You

My sources confirmed that this is indeed true! If you notice that he is extremely nice to you compared to his other female friends, he's most likely trying to make you his future baby mama! Unfortunately, since I suffered from a chronic illness called stupidity in high school, one of my friends had to bring to my attention that the guy who sat next to me in class, shared his favorite chips with me and even cheated on a History test for me (without my knowledge), was madly in love with me. Ah well, we graduated, the end!

8. Poke Fun

You remember kindergarden love right? The boy pulls the girl's hair, pushes her down the slide, calls her ugly but later tells her he likes her, then runs away. Guys still do this. I know, shocking! If he makes fun of the smallest things about you, perhaps the way you laugh or talk all the time, chances are he likes you, so don't feel bad. Unless you actually have an ugly laugh, then feel very bad about yourself.

9. He Gets Jealous

Awww! If his mood changes to an unpleasant one whenever he sees you conversing with or talking about another guy, he's jealous. And people don't get jealous unless they have some sort of emotional attachment going on, so you know what that means!

10. He Invades Your Personal Space

If he tries sitting as close to you as possible in class, plays with your hair or even puts his arm on or over your shoulder...ohhhh someone's got a boyfriend! Just messing with ya! If he's not afraid to break the 'touch' barrier, he most likely likes you.

11. Texts You Everyday

If he always text first to, 'check up on you' or wants to know whether you made it home safely after walking by yourself, this may be a sign that he likes you. He may also try dropping a few hints via text like sending lots of heart emojis or brings up how he 'hates being single' while you two are texting. And the most obvious one is, he tries flirting! Again, this may be because he is genuinely interested in you or is simply trying to make you side chick number three.

12. He Tries To Protect You

He would make it his mission to turn into superman and prevent you from getting hurt. If he notice that someone is trying to take advantage of you, he'll stand up for you or, if other males try forcing themselves on you, he'll be sure to let them know that you are not the right chica to be messing with. So sexy!

There you have it ladies! Now you know at least (12) things a guy does when he likes you. Share this blog post with your best friends, comment below some of your personal experiences and follow if you want to stay updated with the latest posts. Until next time, yours truly, Tye!