Sunday, 12 November 2017


Dear Diary,

Tye wanted to blog about this matter herself but since I feel like I am much better than she is at getting messages to reach hearts, I decided to take this one over for her. So diary, I'm guessing you're wondering what today's blog post is going to be. "The Curses Of Being Female". Exciting huh?! I don't care if you don't care, you're still going to listen to me vent!

1. Periods

It's obvious that this was going to be the first on the list, especially if you are one of those females with bad cramps. God forbid you have to be in an environment with annoying people who just wouldn't SHUT UP! Your body suffer from two different temperatures at the same time, you start feeling heavy, your back aches and drowsiness begins to kick in. I promise you diary, if anyone dears to call me L-A-Z-Y on these days, heads will be getting disconnect from bodies!

2. Perverts

You could be the ugliest female alive, like myself, and you would still attract some creep who thinks he could make you his girlfriend all because he's riding a fancy car owned by his mother and by selling you false promises. You ain't fooling no one! To make matters worst these are grown, old men. Listen, in all respect, please go home to your wife, six children, nine grandchildren and four great grandchildren and leave other people's children alone. Eww!

3. Sexism

Where I'm from at some point every girl would face it. Its not extreme sexism but you'll still experience it. Some jerk would make some sexist slur about a woman's place only being "in the kitchen and bedroom". I respect men and I am in no way a feminist, but I don't believe in one gender bringing another gender down. If you are a man and you feel as if you have to bring a woman down in order to feel like a man, that doesn't make you one, moron. Ladies, respect and stand up for yourselves, but always remain humble to show that you are the bigger person boo! *Snaps fingers*

4. Labels

I'm all for bodily love and accepting and appreciating your body shape as a womam. But I am also 150% for modesty. However, not all women dress in a modest fashion. Again, that's their preferences and I, nor anyone else can change that. However, what I do not appreciate is the labels given to these women who choose to dress in such a fashion. Okay, I get it, if she didn't want the word "whore" written next to her name maybe she shouldn't be dressing or behaving inappropriately. That still does not give you authority to label her or anybody in such a manner because I'm pretty sure if you accidently stepped out the house wearing your pajamas and hair curlers you wouldn't want anyone labelling you as a "hood rat". The point is, get rid of the name calling and labels please.

5. Stereotypes

Not all girls walk around fighting other girls because that girl slept with their boyfriend Tyronne. We don't all want a man that makes six digits a year, owns a fancy car, or desire expensive or flashy things. Some of us don't even like how weave feels in our hair because it has us scratching our heads like a dog with fleas all day. Some of us prefer to wear our natural face instead of painting our face with makeup because we love our natural beauty (there's nothing wrong with wearing makeup ladies). And some of us can actually sit in a room with a group of girls and get along with every one of them. The media today made the modern day woman out to be some self-centered, violent, quick to quarrel and money hungry beast that uses her body to get the things she wants. Maybe that's why when guys approach us today, they start talking about the contents of their wallets first rather than showing us their real person.

Boys, I know you have your struggles too, but I just can't relate to them because I'm female and honestly don't care for them because YOU DON'T HAVE PERIODS! Neither do you have to give birth to a bowling ball. And don't you dear say it was our choice to have a baby because "a fish needs water to swim" don't it? Feel guilty now huh! Anyway, diary thanks again for listening to me vent. Love @adelanqchy!

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