Tuesday, 28 November 2017


DECEMBER IS ALMOST HERE! Yes ladies, its finally that time of year to spoil yourself with your favorite snacks and Thai lakorns because you've successfully completed the year without cheating on your diet. So, today I'm giving you a list of throwback movies to watch if you have not plans to travel or leave your humble home during the Winter. Let's begin!

1. Why Did I Get Married Pt. 1&2

I'm a very dramatic female, so you could only imagine how I reacted when I first watched both of these movies. Tyler Perry had me wishing that I was married just so I could give my husband a list of reasons why he doesn't deserve me even though he did nothing wrong. Since I haven't watch these movies in years I figured I might as well give my life some sort of excitement again.

2. Diary Of A Mad Black Woman

Yeah, very dramatic! Tyler Perry knows exactly how to put a woman in her feelings! All of the cast members in this movie were amazing, especially Orlando (Shemar Moore). Mmm... lawd give me strength! I admire this movie because it taught forgiveness inspite betrayal and love inspite of loss. These are some key factors every relationship should have, as well as DRAMA!

3. Coming To America

Ain't nobody wanna sit at home all Winter crying over the fact that they don't have a cuddle buddy. Instead, I'll be treating myself to a little comedy with Eddy Murphy and a box of pizza. The good thing about this pick is that I can't recollect everything about it so it'll be as if its my first time watching it. More humor for me!

4. Pretty Woman 

Romance Romance Romance! OO-LA-LA! The thought of it especially during this time gives me the chills. Unfortunately though, I was never able to finish watching pretty woman. My best friend and I fell asleep while watching it at our sleepover and apparently the morning after we woke up it went missing. Anyway, all I know is that it has love and kissing in it so I'm watching it!

5. 101 Dalmations

What's a winter without a little bit of Disney?! Growing up, 101 Dalmations was my drug. I can recall the first time my dad brought it home from the DVD store and from that day on we would ritualistically watch this movie until we literally could  recite every word. Although I can still remember the movie clear as day,  I will still throw this in my throwback list for December just so I can go back in time to feel like a kid again.

6. Ratatoulie

Rat-ta-ta-ta-tah! If you guys don't remember this movie you're probably too young or old. Whatever, just watch it, its a really nice family movie, but if you have a phobia of rats I suggest you skip to movie number 7. My mum was scared for life after watching this.

7. The Notebook

I was watching the trailer for this movie and I can't wait to watch. Oh don't judge me, there's plenty of people out there who haven't watch The Notebook! I just hope I don't let my curiosity get the best and me and watch it before December. There's just something about when the rich and poor finds love in each other that causes me to catch butterflies. See it just happened!

8. Dear John

9. The Pursuite Of Happiness

I don't know why but I just love watching movies that makes me cry and besides from The Fault In Our Stars, Will Smith did an excellent job in making this happen for me.

Comment below which of these throwback movies you enjoyed watching! Feel free to like, share and follow if you'd like. Until next time, yours truly, Tye!