Friday, 6 October 2017


Throughout my interesting teenage years, I've came into contact with lots of girls with very particular personalities. Comment below and let me know which character you are.

1. The One That Talks Trash About Everyone

Despite her having her own demons, she still opens the file draws of other people. You could be the sweetest person alive and this particular female would still find something nasty to say about you. Key fact--she does this to keep others from talking about her. Little does she know, no matter how hard she tries, people still are going to talk so, lay off!

2. The Shy Girl

She prefers to stay by herself, keep conversations with others as brief as possible and may have at least one or two friends around her to avoid walking the school halls alone. Although she rarely talks, I promise you,  once you get to know her you'll find that she's pretty crazy. In a good way! I think?

3. The Spy

This chick knows everything about everyone. Ask her what's the password to your boyfriend's phone and she can instantly solve that jigsaw puzzle for you. Okay I'm exaggerating a little, but trust me, if the C.I.A is looking to recruit someone, she'll be the best person for the job.

4. The Lowkey Crazy Girl

Outside she's pretty, smart, socialable and to every guy she's, 'the perfect girlfriend'. However, after getting to know her or if you're a male, date her, you'll find that she'll get jealous all because you were looking at a Picasso painting of a female. The painting could even be of a female rat and she still would want to give you and that painting an early funeral.

5. The High-Key Crazy Girl

She literally tells you she's crazy! However, you assume she's just pulling your toe so you still get involved and later on find your entire house burnt to pieces all because you left the house without telling her where you went. Why? Because she assumes you're cheating. Honestly I don't feel sorry for you, she warned you. It might not be your house but definitely your clothes because her favorite part on Tyler Perry 'Meet The Browns' was when Angela Bassett burnt her ex-husband's car and clothes at the same time. That movie was awesome.

6. The Overly Attached Female

No matter what or who it is, this girl will cling to you like the black on my skin. It could be a piece of string given to her by someone of value in her life and she would try to destroy anyone who tries to take it away from her. As her boyfriend, everywhere you go, she goes and I mean everyyyy--where! Was I creepy enough for you? Yeah that was me acting except without a camera, directors and all that fancy stuff. The point is, don't ever tell an overly attached girl that you're leaving her life because she would cry you a river.

7. The Drama Queen

She could lose her glasses and create an entire story about how some theif must've stolen them to sell to the riches king in the kingdom and that king would give it to his ungrateful daughter who in turn throws it out the window and it lands inside of some carriage where a pauper would find it and become rich and famous from wearing them. Only to find out that they were on her head the entire time. Ugh!

8. The Pathelogical Liar

The particular character doesn't have much real friends and is rather a form of entertainment for those she surround herself with. Why? Because they are intrigued to see what lie she would come up with to the question asked. For example, this girl was asked how was her weekend? Instead of telling the truth and letting her peers know she stayed inside the house all day wallowing over a bag of potato chips and a bottle of soda about how she is still single at the age of 25, she'll say, "gurrrrrrl! I went to 3 parties in one night, met Beyonce, kissed Justin Timberlake, got married to him that same night, had two twin babies, flew to Paris and came back a day just before today". Girl stop we know you lying!

9. The Girl That Wants A Boyfriend But The Minute A Decent Guy Comes Her Way...

Every girl has at least one friend with this attitude. She whines about being single and constantly asks, "why doesn't anyone love me?", but she chases every boy away that finally confesses his love for her because, "she's not ready for a relationship yet".

10. The Girl That Wants Nothing To Do With Relationship.

This particular female speaks poorly about relationships and sometimes the people in them, but just so she wouldn't get torn to shreds by the media and the people around her after making the statement, "relationships are stupid", she ends by saying, "I'm not judging people who are in relationships, I'm just saying relationships aren't for me". Yeah right! The minute this girl find a guy that'll make their heart beat faster than the usual, she'll be in the front line screaming, 'pro-relationships'.

11. The Indecisive Girl

This character can become so annoying at times. She comes to you with a question seeking your advice and so you give her just that. You let her know that she has to let go of the negative people in her life to reduce unnecessary stress because she doesn't deserve to be treated like a doorstep. So she says, "you're right!", then leaves the room. You're happy now because you've help one of your best friends solve an issue thats been knocking at their thoughts for a while. She's finally going to take your advice that'll benefit her. Wrong! She goes back to do the same thing you've warned her about and comes back to you with that same question as if you didn't give her the answer two weeks ago. Sweety you need professional help!

12. The Girl That's In A New Relationship Everyday.

Either she's not happy with herself or the guys she select, I don't know someone answer this question for me? You asked her, "how is Tom?", her reponse, "oh Tom's not in the picture anymore I'm with Billy. He allows me to express myself". Really? You said that about Jordan who you in turn dumped for Tom! Honestly, I'm not judging. In a way I guess I can say I'm a little envious because I can't even get one guy. All I'm saying is, if you're that uncertain where you have to shuffle through men like a pack of cards, take time for yourself and find out who you are. This way you can figure out exactly what you want, and hopefully you can find someone who meets almost everything on your wishlist. Give your heart a break sista!

13. The Picky, Choosy Girl

This girl is not only selective about the types of food she puts into her system, but she's also like this with her group of friends, guys she dates, and maybe even restaurants she goes to. Don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with this, however this particular female abuses her power to make "choses". Example? Why sure! She may say something like, "I don't drink coffee from anywhere but Starbucks because coffee from anywhere else is for poor people. As for my husband, he must make six digits a month and support all my wants and needs, otherwise I don't want him". Her view of life is not realistic and I personally 'choose' to distance myself from these kind of girls.

Of course there are many more characters but its getting late and I'm too tired to think of the others. If you guys wish for me to do a part 2 to this, comment below and share this one with friends. Until next time, yours truly, Tye!