Monday, 16 October 2017


I was going to make a video concerning this topic but my laptop isn't cooperating with me. Hopefully, I'll get it repaired so I could do more vlogging instead of blogging, because "ain't nobody be into reading all the time!". So let's find out what the old jail cell didn't manage to teach me aye!

1. Getting a Job isn't going to be as easy as you think.

So you are academically qualified. You have miraculously managed to scrap up a G.P.A of 3.00 or over and you graduated on honors. You've got your high school diploma, your resume is on fleek & you have some job and volunteering experience. You will definitely get the job! Right? Wrong! Despite you having all the qualifications needed for that cute little office job you've always wanted with the beautiful view of the city, chances are, you still might not get it. The only thing you will get however, is a soft smile with a simple, "we'll call you". And let's be honest, you and I both know they're not going to call you.

2. It's Not About What You Know, It's About Who You Know.

If you were one of those brainiac students who sat at the front of the class, knew all the answers to every question & grades looked like they were allergic to the other 25 letters of the alphabet because all you ever got were A's--but you weren't the most socialable person out of the bunch--you might want to break out of that "shy factor". After turning in my resume to what felt like thousands of businesses, I learnt that despite me meeting all of the qualifications, I still wasn't hired until someone that knew me got me the job. Yup! That's life for ya.

3. You'll Start Feeling Worthless

After you leave high school you will basically have two options. You can either enter the work force or start college. I chose working first and then the whole schooling process for financial reasons.  Here's where the worthlessness comes in. You can't get a job no matter how much effort you put into getting one. What's worst is hearing your friends talk about their jobs. My remedy for this is to always keep busy. Even after handing out a million copies of your resume, still keep searching, don't be content with knowing you've handed out a few and sit at home with your legs crossed with the mindset that they'll actually "call you". While waiting try doing volunteer work. That was the only thing that kept me going while I was desperately seeking employment.

4. You'll Have To Settle For Something

In high school I had this teacher that spoke poorly about people who worked at fast food franchises. There's nothing wrong with that! You have to start off from somewhere. If these businesses keep giving you false hope, lose the pride and start working somewhere that you know will hire you. Then, with the money you make from that job, you can work on advancing yourself and maybe start your own business. Look at it this way, you need money to get you places.

5. To Be Honest With Ourselves

High School feeds you this dream about leaving school & immediately starting college. To make things sound even glamourous they throw in the words, 'scholarship' or 'financial aid'. Realistically, after all the echantment of living on campus, hype college activities, (*cough* cute boys *cough*), being away from your parents & annoying little siblings is over, these students on said scholarships or financial aid struggle to stay on these supposedly beneficial and life changing programs. All they do is bring debt & stress, especially when you don't have the pocket money to pay for it when you're not able to meet the requirements to stay on them. That's why I encourage youths to evaluate their circumstances first, count the costs, and then carry out your desire to obtain a college education in order achieve whatever you aspire to do.

High school wasn't all bad for me, however, I only wished it taught & trained us young people to be more like entrepreneurs rather than employees. I guess that's what college is for? I really hope you enjoyed this mini article. If you did share it with friends, and leave your input below in the comments. Until next time, yours truly, Tye!

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